| Real Estate Services 

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property Sales: Providing the full spectrum of marketing of residential, commercial and Industrial properties.

  • Lease Agreement: A legally binding lease agreement is drawn up to protect the landlord and tenant by defining clearly the approach for handling rental payments and collections, increases, deposits, maintenance issues and damages claims as noteworthy examples. Experienced Letting Consultants ensure that all the terms and details are well understood and handle the lease signing administration. Annual escalation in contracts is activated at the required time. We will provide you with market trend confirmation if so required.

  • Financial Management: Our software applications simplifies the management of all financial related matters i.e.; Holding deposit management, collection of rental income, expenses and transfer of balance of payment to an account of your choice. All transfers are done electronically ensuring an efficient and cost effective alternative. Rent is collected at the beginning of the month in advance in terms of the lease agreement. Net rental income is electronically transferred to landlord’s nominated bank accounts as soon as practically possible following the collection of the rental.

  • Vetting of Tenants: All tenants are scrutinized on basis of a strict credit-approval procedure. All applicants are rigorously screened with credit and reference checks prior to signing a lease agreement. This process is intensive and cost-related. The expense is covered by Bounce, ensuring correct placement and related management of a particular tenant.

  • Credit control: Every tenant is strictly monitored by our company’s administrative department to ensure effective and timeous collection of outstanding rentals. In addition to this, we will undertake the necessary legal action to ensure correct procedural aspects, should it be necessary in terms of the Rental Housing Act, 1999 (Act No. 50 of 1999).

  • Landlord Protection Policy: We can provide you with a unique Landlord Protection Policy underwritten by Hollard Insurance Partners. The policy covers settlement of legal fees up to R120 000.00, handles all legal procedures and complicated evictions and provides up to three months rent during an eviction and one month if the tenant has absconded.  An affordable monthly premium calculated at 3.5% of the monthly rental will ensure the removal of risks of renting domestic dwellings. We will build the premium into the rent, resulting in the tenant paying for the insurance.

  • General building maintenance. Our services include the monitoring of bodies corporate in terms of maintenance requirements in blocks under our control. This also applies to maintenance requirements to your own specific property investment, which we will administrate on your behalf. Daily tenant complaints are catered for on a 24-hour basis and includes issues such as parking, TV reception and aerial installations, water and electricity problems, pets, noise after hours, thefts, security, telephone lines, unhygienic (dirty) surroundings, postal services, keys, municipal aspects and more.

  • Representation: We will also, upon your instructions, represent your interests in the Body Corporate of the complex into which you have invested. We will ensure that you are represented where decisions are made relating to increased levies, including daily management issues of the relevant block.

  • Inspections: You are provided with a quarterly inspection report pertaining to each of your properties managed by us, indicating the general state of your property.  We conduct pre- and post- occupation inspections of rented properties, itemize damages and provide quotes for the restoration of the property. The final account for restoring the unit to the standard defined by the pre-occupation inspection, allowing for standard wear and tear, is offset against the deposit balance before being refunded.

  • Advertisements: We undertake the necessary marketing of your property through via our  website, www.bounce.net.za and www.myproperty.co.za, as well as media channels where required. The cost of the marketing is carried by Bounce Properties.

We are also in a position to furnish you of a correct basic cost and informing you of your position relating to Capital Gains Tax should you eventually decide to disinvest.

The services mentioned are only part of the total process of rental management provided by Bounce Properties.